Payment Information

The payment amount shown on the order form, is the final amount (including VAT).

1) Payment online

In accepted the following debit / credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners, - Discover, American express - PAYPAL (verified).

All transactions are carried out in a perfectly safe online banking monitoring.

In that way you have complete security when you want to buy with a credit / debot card. The does not store debit / credit card data.

All entries - moves performed by our online shop are made using ssl certificate (see details and certification -comodo-) and therefore is encrypted to provide the highest possible security against intercepted the personal data.

Extra in registering of the number of your card (only the bank sector can be seen and nobody else) are required to complete the cvc / cvv field which is at the back of your credit card ( this is a three-digit number) you are prompted for additional security and protects you even more, since it is very difficult for someone to know this field. To enter, turn and look at the back of your credit card. is the last three digits of the number you see it is separate and usually is above - right.

2) Pay by phone:

If speak Greek call us at (+30) 2610346281 or 2103000339 so as to give us an order and the pay buy phone.

If not speak Greek is better to buy online or send email to

All transactions are completely safe and all your information is private.

If the transaction made by card all the susceptible card details after payment destroyed.

The accredited our employee is obliged to give you his name if someone asks.

3) For paying the order by bank transfer:


Account number:

Ask from

National Bank

Account number:

Ask from

Alpha bank

Account number:

Ask from

Piraeus bank

Account number:

Ask from


4) Payment with cash in the store in Greece

The MilvaFlowers cooperates with many stores throughout Greece so that you can pay your order by cash.

Contact us and request a payment code so that you can pay your order in make stores in your area in Greece. (depending on your region there could be 1 € extra charge per order).

5) Payment by Western Union

If you have pay with Western Union you can set a order online and at the end of order select "Western Union payment".

If you want set an order but if you do not want to buy online, please contact us to

After payment your order in Western Union store please send us copy of Western Union transaction.

The order exits from the flower shop if is paid up with any payment method.

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